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Stewart Ventures helps start-ups and family businesses to unlock their potential through strategic consulting and innovative solutions


Start Ups are much more than starting technology companies. They are strategy, quick adaptation and strong teams capable of a complete change in the status quo and pivoting in their efforts to better serve their markets. They benefit from mentors and ecosystems that broaden the approach around problems. 

Accelerate your start up! Ask us how!

Alexandre Stewart - CEO

"Our team is here to partner serious leaders in solving  big problems and designing together  winning strategies for the future. 

Family Businesses and Start Ups face many similar challenges in their path to growth and we are here to expand their reach beyond local, unite the right partners, generate growth opportunities, invest or find the right strategic movement to overcome any challenges." 

International & Local Partnerships

Growing your business means to move away from your comfort zone,  find new frontiers and the right support. Importing, Exporting, Acquiring a new business or building the needed connections are key to win in a global market or to build strategic advantage to over achieve into your market.

We are Latin America Business experts.

Business Development

Strategies & Opportunities

Sales & distribution strategies are a must have for any sustainable development, but they need to come embedded with the right purpose and a "how to" that is inspires the customer response.

Our mission is to set the right business strategies, and secure opportunities to allow your growth, in your market and abroad.


Fund your Start Up, Finance tremendous growth/business expansion, acquire another business or even recover your business from market hiccups are some of the reasons you need to find financing solutions.

Equity, Bonds, Loans or advanced financial structures. We help you structure the solution that is just right to support your growth at minimum cost for the shareholders.

Product, Marketing & Innovation

Focus on the consumer is the most known marketing quote, but by far the most forgotten statement when analysing portfolio expansion strategies. 

Our team will help to build and execute market development plans that will consistently build your company's success story.

Government Relations

In Latin America there is a large space for the companies who want to help building the future. Our team will help your company to create the bonds and opportunities to grow while helping the history of these countries.


Alexandre Moreira


Seasoned Executive, Entrepreneur and MIT Sloan MBA, Alex is a tech & partnerships enthusiast and brings the right skillset to build growth through innovation, marketing, process optimization, team building, funding and international expansion through the work with private and governmental institutions.

Sabá Bechara


Sabá is the actual PL party GO secretary in Brazil. 

As a specialist in government, elections, partnerships and institutional relationships, Saba brings a powerful network and makes a diference to establish successful businesses and relationships in Brazil.

Luis De la Mora


Licensed Doctor and MIT MBA, Luis brings his network and executive experience in the Mexican / US markets allied with a unique skillset on the health and wellness verticals.

Thavia Farias


Experienced entrepreneur and founder, Thavia brings a whole set of data analytical skills, technology architecture, operation management, UX/UI, mobile, complex graphical development and innovation to solve  Software Engineering challenges, bringing business applications, integrations and new software developments to life.  


metaverse technologies

GEOCARBONITE builds the next level of customer connection for brands and public persons through METAVERSE EXPERIENCES, ENVIRONMENTS and Social Media AVATAR presence, adding & refining Marketing Intelligence through AI and behavioral analysis. 

GEOCARBONITE is the ONLY METAVERSE PRODUCT that works for businesses.


EVOLUTTO.COM, a Brazilian Startup, is a platform that streamlines, standardizes, and tracks operations of consulting companies by helping the digital transformation of the consulting process in a digital product and pooling many disaggregated tools that consultants use on a daily basis to interact and work with their clients under one innovative, user-friendly consulting process workflow management platform. 


Partner software development company focused on developing  solutions for Start Ups at any level